September 26, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I’ve heard every artist falls within a certain heritage, a lineage of other artists that have influence over him/her, who endeavor to master the same obstacles. Realizing which family of artists you belong to is an important step. Right now, I feel a strong kinship with the “Golden Age” of children’s book illustration, a movement … Read More


September 25, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I love drawing children. I think I’ve already said that, right? Their open countenence speaks to my heart and reminds me to forget myself. Staying loose is the key. Allowing the air that contains something beyond yourself remain between you and the paper. This is Logan, somewhere between awake and dreaming…


September 24, 2009By Alice Ratterree

Lots of firsts…my first blog, my first entry (aside from the welcoming message), and this summer, my first children’s book illustration project. Commissioned by a publishing company for the homeschool community, this book takes us through the days of the week through the eyes of a child who is part of a large homeschooling family. … Read More


September 23, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I’m Alice Ratterree. aka Alice Ink, but I like drawing with pencil best. Simply put: I’m an illustrator of children….and for children. Ironically, I studied music throughout college and graduate school, but I keep falling back into my love for drawing. Making the familiar beautiful. So I’m forging a new career path for myself as … Read More