November 11, 2009By Alice Ratterree

Tonight I dove back into characters. Bright, warm, sunny children – not taking myself too seriously. I had a blast. Normally I like to post finished work, but the rough in-progess stage has an appeal too, and sometimes makes me hesitate to go further. But I will.


November 6, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I embarked on a fun project a few years ago for Clemson University’s “Tri-Art” program, an outreach initiative to bring the three performance arts (drama, dance and music) into local schools. The client wanted one character that somehow represented all three disciplines, so I created a little girl who wants to do it all. Striking … Read More


November 3, 2009By Alice Ratterree

OK so I’m in the throws of building a web site. That’s a very accurate term…”building” a site. It is true construction. There’s first a site, with a “domain” name, for your “home” page, then entryways to other rooms containing all sorts of treasures of information. And there has to be a certain feng shui … Read More


October 21, 2009By Alice Ratterree

That’s what I’m trying to create. I’m especially inspired as the holidays draw nearer. But it’s as close to impossible sometimes as hanging the very stars in the sky. People think that if you can draw, you must also be good at all aesthetic endeavors. This is not so, and I’ve come to accept that … Read More


October 10, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I fall. Into hopes of apple pies and pumpkins with faces grinning. Of gray skies and yellow hearths. Wood burning and leaves scratching. New schools, great expectations, and memories of childhood. The first time you see your breath come out like steam. Everywhere nature is dying but hope is born and the time for harvest … Read More


September 30, 2009By Alice Ratterree

Mistress Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row. This nursery rhyme has always bothered me a bit. Perhaps it’s the allusions to Queen Mary, aka “Bloody Mary,” who shamelessly beheaded Protestants. But it may also be just the simple fact that … Read More


September 28, 2009By Alice Ratterree

One of my favorite projects is creating art for theatre posters. The challenge of telling a story with only one image. Like the cover of a picture book, it must captivate the viewer and entice them to search for more. The best images are the ones that ask a question. The hard part is knowing … Read More


September 26, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I’ve heard every artist falls within a certain heritage, a lineage of other artists that have influence over him/her, who endeavor to master the same obstacles. Realizing which family of artists you belong to is an important step. Right now, I feel a strong kinship with the “Golden Age” of children’s book illustration, a movement … Read More


September 25, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I love drawing children. I think I’ve already said that, right? Their open countenence speaks to my heart and reminds me to forget myself. Staying loose is the key. Allowing the air that contains something beyond yourself remain between you and the paper. This is Logan, somewhere between awake and dreaming…


September 24, 2009By Alice Ratterree

Lots of firsts…my first blog, my first entry (aside from the welcoming message), and this summer, my first children’s book illustration project. Commissioned by a publishing company for the homeschool community, this book takes us through the days of the week through the eyes of a child who is part of a large homeschooling family. … Read More